I need INK characters-Again

CLOSEEDDD :slight_smile: :sparklewave:


I want to be in your story

Okay, what role would you like?

I want to be the Mc’s bff

Okay, send in your details and name you want. And also do you want your Instagram or forums user name to be mentioned in the story?

Yes I want my forums username to be mentioned

Okay, sounds good

Name: Raven
Hair: straight
Hair colour: Black
Skin tone : light
Face shape: round
Lips: blossom
Lip colour: Bordeux
Eyes: round bold
Eye colour : Hickory
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Nose: refined

Does this look right?

Yes thank you

Yes, does the outfit matter?

No you can pick the outfit.

Okay, thanks for sharing you character :black_joker:

No prob

Hi there!
I would love to become a character in your story.

Name: Lili
Outfit: Doesn’t matter, I trust your style (;
Details: Skin tone: Light
Face shape: Oval
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: High Ponytail
Hair colour: Fawn
Eyes: Upturned Bold
Eye colour: Blue
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Classic Slender
Mouth colour: Blush

Role: Um, can I be a friend of the MC too? :slight_smile:
Credits: Yes, I would like that :blush:

Do you give me a sign when the story is published? I would love to see my character shine in your story and reading your story of course :wink:

Yep and can you tell me aswell I really want to read it.

Credit from your insta? Or forums user name? And yes you can be a friend. For both of them or just one?

Credits from my Instagram would be great! :blush: My Instagram is @lili_on_episode.
And yes, I would like to be a friend of both MC’s (:

Okay, I’ll make her and you let me know if it’s right?

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Sure :slight_smile: