I need INK characters!

Hi everyone!
I’m currently in the process of making an INK story, i’d like to say im pretty advanced when it comes to most coding.
In my story, there are two main characters.
Below, i’ll reference to them as MC1 & MC2
I hate the look of the default background characters.
I also needed some other characters to be a part of the story!
Below, leave your INK character details
As well as outfit details (if you wish for your character to have a specific outfit.)

Here’s what i’m looking for in my story
BG characters (endless amount -
MC1’s & MC2’s love interest’s SISTER Top of all her classes, head cheerleader, caring girl (FEMALE) (closed)
The MC’s best friend at school Bubbly personality, very fashion sensed (MALE) (closed)
The other MC’s best friend at school Very cautious of everything, and SUPER clean (FEMALE) (closed)
The MC’s school protagonist Malevolent, jealous, and extremely narcissistic (FEMALE) (closed)
MC 1’s other love interest Shy, plays guitar, a true gentleman (MALE) (closed)
MC 2’s other love interest Full of himself, plays soccer, hates his dad (MALE) (open)
Secret Agent plotting to kill the MC’s father Bad ass, wise, and super devious (FEMALE) (closed)

If there are any more roles for the future, i’ll be sure to let everyone know! Down below leave some way for me to credit you in my story :heart:


Can I be the mc bestie! (Female)

Hair is charcoal not grey sorry

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Yes! Leave your info below babes :blush:

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I think your image is missing the information for a nose.
Is that the soft natural nose?

Oops sorry yea it’s soft natural
I’ve been meaning to make a new one

You’re in ! :wink:

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Yay! Lol

Miliani but you can call me Mili, I’ll take any role!

is this one still open? if so, i’d like to be her!

Yes she is!
I also just added a new role, I forgot to add.
The sister of the love interest!


If my character can be MC 1’s other love interest ^^
Name: I don’t care :slight_smile:
Body: honey
Brow: thin arch
Hair: boy bun black
Eyes: athletic round taupe
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
Lips: uneven taupe

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Miliani will be a VERY dramatic BG character that speaks in the frequent parts of the school scenes.

(She is the principal’s daughter)
Thank you so much!
Is there any way I can credit you?


Is there any way I can credit you?
Thank you btw :slight_smile:

the stuff

body color: caramel
eyebrow type: seductive arch
hair: black + messy bun
eyes: pine + upturned feline
face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: taupe (or ruby red lol) + full round

outfit (if you’d like)
~gold pendant necklace
~black w/ gold zipper zipped crop top
~military pants
~thin clear circular glasses
~calf boots black

don’t feel pressured to use it, it’s your story after all! :wink:

you can credit me using my instagram, @epi.juules

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This honestly fits the characters criteria so well!
I totally see her being bossy! Lmao
Thank you so much!!

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you’re welcome :joy::joy:

you can (iT’S yOur SToRy tf am i doing but) also switch stuff up, especially her hairstyle. i wouldn’t mind

i’d also love to read your story :upside_down_face:

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I’ll be sure to make a post when I upload it ^-^


This is Dylan, our sweet heart :smirk:

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What would you like her name to be?