I need inspiration for a fantasy story

title says it

well, what do u like to write about?


those typical creatures in fantasy stories (werewolfs, vampires, etc)

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fact; vampires and werewolf dont belong in the fantasy genre, they belong under the supernatural genre

yes I know, there are not a supernatural genre on episode, there arent even a sci-fi genre

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It could be fun to think about fantasy legends that interest you and put your own spin on it! For example my story is based around one of my favourite Greek mythology legends. If you’re stumped that could give you a point to jump off of. You mentioned vampires and werewolves, so maybe think about Dracula or some classic werewolf stories that could give you some ideas. Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to know where to look!

All my best ideas come from daydreaming until I come up with something that’s exciting to me. If it’s exciting to you and you like thinking about it, chances are your readers will respond to that much better than something you come up with just for the sake of writing a story. Good luck!

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If you can answer the five W’s and how then you can get started.
Listen to music, make a playlist for your story and just start writing.

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