I need inspiration


Please, I have no idea how to start off my episode story. I was going to start it off with her dreaming but some people said that isn’t a good way to start a story? Help. Me. Please.


You should start off with an intro.

What is your story going to be about?


Try going for something unique! If something super intense is going to happen, maybe start the story with a couple of scene clips to grab the reader’s attention. This is just a suggestion, so you obviously don’t have to do it. Do what you are comfortable with, but it’s also a good idea to step out of your comfort zone.



I would love to help you start off your story! The thing is that the way you begin your story depends entirely on what kind of story you’re writing and where you’re going to go with your first chapter.

The problem with beginning with a dream is that, often, it seems overused and recycled. That can definitely change depending on how you use this dream and what happens during it/afterwards. Often, you can change something about the dream and turn it on its head. The reader will expect the dream to be like every other dream they’ve seen, but then they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that you’ve done something new or interesting with it.

If you would like some more feedback on how to make your story intro stand out, it would be great if you could reply to this with a bit more information on what kind of story you’re trying to tell. A little synopsis would be great. Then, we’ll have a much better idea on where your story should go!