I need inspo for art

So I create both digital and traditional art. But ive having art block atm so id really appreciate if you could drop some ideas below.

The idea can be:
Have animal features
Episode inspired
Quote/book/movie inspired
Complete make belief
Something from a fairytale
A personality/story line and ill make it into a charactsr
Any style- gore, glam, lolita etc

It cant be:
A complete animal
Sexual or inapropriate

If you would like credit for the idea if i post it on instagram or the forums please let me know

These will not be for personal use unless you have asked permission first and gottwn my consent.
They CAN be reposted but credit MUST be given to me for the art. And to the person who gave the idea, unless told otherwise.

Instagram: @// drawinganyway

Credit can be given:

Through my forum or instagram if reposted on the forums


Through my insta if reposted on instagram

I will be sure to update this post with the drawing and the idea, with credit, as i complete them :heart:

Thank you so much :heart:

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Draw you story ideas out. Draw your friends.

You should try to make an episode character look realistic, I can give u details if u want

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Thanks for the tag, ok so here are some random ideas;
You can make a Chinese zodiac series,
Or recreate Disney princesses in the modern version
Draw a girl who just discovered sure had powers
Practice lips, nose , features which is traditional art.
Calligraphy is one of my favorites, practice different speeds and lengths of using the brush to make wavy, curly lines.
Do you want more?


U could also try to draw one of my bad edits if u want!



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Draw an anime character? :grin:

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Oof, I love writing and I’m having major writers block right now, so I know exactly how you’re feeling. There is an Episode Interactive story that I just started writing that could use a cover. I would give you full credit to your forums page and/or your instagram if you’re up for it. If not, that’s cool, too. I hope you have a wonderful day and your art block goes away soon! :smile:

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Do you ever do things like ‘recreate the picture but in your own art style’?
I just put down a ton of references that I found it fun to recreate.


For fun, I would change all of the costumes ~


Thats what im drawing :woman_shrugging:t2:…idk if will inspire you.
Important to mention (I’m not an artist… i just do it because i like and i practice it a lot)

  • You can make a girl or a boy open a secret door that drives somewhere magical (the ocean, in another world/ in a garden)
  • You can make a woman/ man sourunded by wolves like mowgli
  • Also a time traveler in a train sounds good to me :thinking:
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Oo, the episode-realistic sounds quite interesting actually :thinking: thank you for the idea!
And your edit isnt bad, ive honestly seen a lot worse :shushing_face:

I quite like the chinese zodiac sign idea, although i know a lot of people have dont it, i dont think ive seen too many people do it so that might be quite cool to see how i draw them without the inpiration of others.

I used to draw anime-ish as one of my first drawing styles so it could be cool to revisit that :joy:

Oo! Id love to! It would give me something to do while helping someone
And thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day and your writer block goes too.

I do! I have a lil folder of drawings i would like to recreate when i have my ipad back (using an ipad over a phone is just easier for me when drawing something that may take me more than 10 or so hours :sweat_smile: )
Thank you for thr references!

Those are great, artist or not! I like the bitmoji one (at least it looks like a bitmoji) i cant say ive ever seen someone draw their bitmoji, you may have just inspired me to draw my own bitmoji :shushing_face:

The time traveller in a train sounds kind of cool to me too, i dont know why, maybe just because its so random :joy:


Thats great :joy::hugs::blush::clap:.

Good luck with wtv you decide :v:t4::v:t4:

idk i suck at ideas skssk i guess u could pick a word or a name and create a series and make edits where each edit has a theme starting with one of the letters of the word/name idk sksksks maybe i’ll edit more on later

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What is ‘sksksks’
Does it stand for something?



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Awesome! Thank you so, so much! :grin:

Here are the character models:


A realistic version of what I’m imagining:

And a re-creation in the Episode app:

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Thats cute!

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Maybe you could do a realistic art piece or what life might have been like for a tudor prisoner like before they were going to get executed.