I need Italian stories!

As I said, I am looking for Italian stories. I started learning this language and I know that the game will help me a lot. If you know the story written in Italian, let me know!

Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:

Honestly, I’m Italian and I still haven’t found any story written in Italian haha


Damn :woman_facepalming:t4:

Hi! I’m Italian and I’m writing my first story, in Italian!
I’m glad there’s someone who is willing to read stories in my native language so now I’m more motivated to conclude!
I’m a bit slow because it’s my first story but I already have 7 episodes that just need some little touch before being ready…be patient for a few more days!!!

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I haven’t read any of these, but if you put “Italiano” in the search bar, you can find quite a few stories

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The writer’s portal doesn’t allow for accents ( è é ë ê) so you won’t really find stories written in Italian, Spanish, French etc as without accents several words won’t be readable. Like Annie suggested put “Italiano” into the search and try but unfortunately I don’t think anyone will be able properly recommend you stories as majority of readers are English speakers and even ones who aren’t read stories in English