I need large cover art :(!

Can someone do an art for me? (Large cover)
The other one I submitted got rejected and I’m about to publish my first story but I want to make sure everything is complete first.
(I’m using limelight characters) Are there any requests open ?

I can do it

@bossyroxy411 do you want me or you to do it?

Either one of you can do it lol

Is there a certain form or something I have to fill out or?

r u doing it @bossyroxy411

ok! did u send it!

Don’t forget to credit @AmazementArtShop

do u want to send it to me and then i can send it?

BACKGROUND : Baby%20Blue


Story title : Te Amo
Author : Michelle :slight_smile:

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sorry for the late reply I had trouble with my computer

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Send it here

@michelle7 is my group doing it

I don’t know what you mean?