I need layering help

alright so i usually can figure this out but for some reason I’m hella struggling and my brain is fried. the overlays and background are ones i made. this is the scene:


@/overlay 6746615591534592_CHAIR BACK shifts to 3 3
@/overlay 6746615591534592_CHAIR BACK scales to 1.124 1.124
@/overlay 6746615591534592_INTERROGATION TABLE shifts to -320 -4 in zone 2
@/overlay 6746615591534592_INTERROGATION TABLE scales to 1.139 1.139
@/overlay INTERROGATION TABLE moves to layer 3
@/overlay CHAIR BACK moves to layer 5

@/MARLA spot 1.280 205 67
@/MARLA faces left
@/MARLA moves to layer 4
@/MARLA is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear
@/MARLA faces left

&pan to zone 2

@/RYAN walks to screen center in zone 2
@/RYAN moves to layer 2

I’m having issues with the overlay interrogation table and the character Ryan. The layering is fine up until Ryan walks to screen center in zone 2 where she is somehow still in front of the table. It’s like this on my phone and on the portal. I don’t know how to fix this.

wait, should Marla be the one walking? I’m confused because Ryan isn’t spotted anywhere

No. Ryan still shows up on screen without being spotted anywhere. i have no error messages about anything being off except for the no approvals for the overlays and backgrounds

try moving the ryan moves to layer 2 in front of the walking command and if that doesnt work do @/RYAN walks to screen center in zone 2 AND RYAN moves to layer 2
(also you have two marla faces left commands lol)

i just tried both and it’s still not working. i don’t know what’s going on and i’ll probably get a migraine in a few minutes lmao

I think ryan needs to move to layer 6

i’ll try it - if that was what’s wrong i’ll scream.

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i replied to myself im such an idiot

i just tried both layer 6 and 0 and neither worked. i’m going to scream

could you send a video of what it looks like?

yeah one sec. I’ll send a video of Ryan being at layer two - Ryan is the blonde female lmao

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im struggling lmao

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hoping this works or i’ll probably cry


…it’s too small




table: layer 0
chair: layer 2
Marla: layer 1
Ryan: layer -1