I Need Limelight Outfits

not create outfits but i can send in different outfit ideas to make ur characters wear. if thats what ur looking for?

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No don’t worry, it’s okay

so do u want the outfits?

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No, thanks. Do you know people that draw covers?

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um i i know this one girl who can do really nice covers here is her forum Open! FREE Covers by C00kiez1999


Thanks!! :prideheart:

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no problem! if u have any questions please ask me, i see that u are a beginner to the whole forum thing so… :wink:

I am! Even to the writing thing… are you?

i wouldn’t say im the newest or the oldest lol im in the process of writing a story with a partner right now

Is it published yet?

nah not yet

if u have anymore questions i would like you to please pm because this thread will get long :wink:

You can to this shop

how do you do that?

i will start it then :wink:

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Thanks! I would like maybe two different type of jumpsuits in different colors if you can and a black modern witch looking dress and a modern warlock looking outfit. If could do that, that would be awesome!!

um can you reuqest at my art shop? i have everything organized on there if you don’t mind :wink:

i think i can help you :
Emilia’s Limelight AND Ink outfits shop