I need LL characters for my story

Hi i need Limelight characters for my story, If your are interested you can drop your characters info as written below:

Body colour:
Colour Of Brows:
Hair Colour:
Eyes Colour:
Lip Colour:

The people i will be choosing will be announced on my instagram account @lilianiswriting and also on this page. Thank you, and please do not forget to add their personality.

Yes you can

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome

Gold 04
Arched Natural(dark brown)
Short Wavy Side Shave(pastel blue)
Deepset Upturned Wide(chestnut brown)
Diamond Long
Pointed Downturned
Full Wide(Blackberry Gloss)
Sarcastic,but still intersting

Thanks a lot

Hi can you kindly give me your instagram account if you have so i can tag you when i announce those that will be in my story.