I need male characters!

Hey there! Basically, I need male ink characters. Can you, if you’ve got any, fill out the questions below for male characters? They don’t need to be hot or anything, but just normal characters. Thanks!:

  • Hair style and color,
  • Skin tone,
  • Eye color and shape,
  • Nose shape,
  • Eyebrow shape,
  • Face shape,
  • Mouth color and shape,
  • Any outfit details if you’ve got any?
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Hair: Spiked Up Hair (Black)
Skin Tone: Taupe
Eyes: Stoic Almond (Green)
Nose: Roman
Eyebrow: Thin Arch
Face Shape: Diamond
Mouth: Classic (Taupe)
No outfit preference :slightly_smiling_face:

Hair: Short Cropped (Fawn)
Skin Tone: Peach
Eyes: Classic Round (Green)
Nose: Button
Eyebrow: Thin Arch
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Mouth: Classic (Blush)
Sorry, I don’t have any good outfits…:sweat:

just make it look like dean from SPN goddamn it

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