I need male names! UNIQUE LAST NAMES PLZ!

I have a name already and it’s “Terence” I just need a unique last name that involves lighting or something like that :joy: I really need help! :pleading_face:

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This is a duplicate thread


I know that’s why I asked them to close it

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did u message the mods private to close it? u can tag them to close on that thread.

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Yes I did

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Bump! :persevere:

Umm I don’t know if I can help since English isn’t my first language.

Btw I have some Italian last names that could be considered unique?

“Lampo” -Lightning.
“Fulmine” -Again lighting.
“Saetta” -Again lighting.
“Tuono” -Thunder.
“Tempesta” -Storm.

Idk if they’re unique, I can’t really help you.

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Or maybe even:

-Terence Thunder
-Terence Storm
-Terence “Tuono”
-Terence “Saetta”

Honestly I suck at last names.

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