I need models for edits! ASAP!

So as the title say I need models for my edits, I need couples (any) and singles
I will also need ur insta so I can tag u
My INSTA IS @madison.episode21
And I need some models for upcoming edits examples (art releases) so drop ur deets :revolving_hearts:
I’ll do my best

It’s completely alright if you dont have instagram as well

fill out the form if you want to be my model: :sunglasses:

  • Your character details:

  • Outfit: (if its a art release, you can can select the shde and some exatra deatils like shoes, tattoos. etc)
    I will be making some art realease edits so if you want to be in a art realase edit mention the latest or previous art realse name and colour

  • Pose? (I make custom poses too and i wanna focus on customs so you can ask in both custom and original)

  • Hair (again custom and original, if custom pose (recomended) Give names of 2 Hairstyles you think will suit eachother)

  • Anything else:

  • Your personality: (to improve the edit)

Thank you all so much!

I really wanna improve so help me out please!


U can use my character

U can do anything :blob_hearts:




Face - heart soft
Nose - natural
Eyes - female genetic (brown)
Hair - princess (black)
Eyebrow- scar (black)
Skin tone - rose 01
Extra - nose ring

Male :
Face - gerenic male
Nose - gerenic
Eyes - deepest downturned (blue)
Hair - side curls (black)
Eyebrow - straight medium scar (black)
Skin tone - rose 00

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Anything is fine

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You can use me!

You can use mine :blob_turtle:

  • Your character details:

  • Your personality: (to improve the edit)
    Kind, polite yet not afraid to speak her mind, likes random facts (for example: high heels were originally worn by men), clumsy and is an archer.

Credit: @lily.v.episode on Instagram :relaxed:

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Thanks @Dark_Clover21 @Akanksha.writes @Ash2005 @Lily.v
I still need a lot of models so if y’all know anyone willing to help pls do ask them


Couple #1

Couple #2

Instagram @ryder_epii

You can use mine

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U can make any creativity u want :relaxed::relieved:

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You can use my character!

If you still want to
I can offer 2 characters but both single
Main character of my story and My character

Main character
Character details

Body shape - Female Athletic
Skin tone - Neutral 2
Hair style - Long straight loose sideswept bangs or Long high ponytail or Sleek ponytail (you can choose)
Hair colour - Black
Eye shape - Female generic
Eye colour - Red or Deep blue (you can choose)
Nose shape - defined natural
Lip shape - Full heart pouty
Lip colour - Neutral medium nude gloss or deep red gloss ( you can choose)
Face shape - Heart soft

Outfit details

The one in the character card

Latest art release


Custom (you can choose but something that would fit a mafia story as the MC is from there)


Original given in the character details
You can choose from the following

  1. Long straight loose sideswept bangs
  2. Long high ponytail
  3. Sleek ponytail
Anything else

Nothing. Just make sure that the art fits Mafia theme or It’s name Trapped in Mafia


As this is not my but my story’s main character.
Just know that she is going to be Mafia leader.

My character
Character details

Outfit details



You can choose which outfit you want


Custom you can choose

Art release


You can choose from the one in the character card and the following




Anything else

Nothing. Just do your best.


I would rather not, cause i don’t know what should I say about my personality.

My Instagram :- @Vaidehi_Writes

All the best.