I need models for outlines :) (INK)



I would like to try out outlines, so if anyone could drop down their character details, i’ll choose ones that I think are good for me and use them for an outline contest! (Will credit the model :slight_smile: )



Do u want a pic instead (if that’s easier)


Nope, sorry, actually, cause I use an EA on Instagram so it’s easier for me to just know the details if that’s fine with you :slight_smile:




ink or limelight?


Oh sorry, Ink.


Hair: Long Feathered (Black)
Eye: Upturned Bold Green
Eyebrow: Defined Natual
Mouth; Full Round Dusty Rose
Nose: Elven
Skin: Mocha
Face: Soft Heart


would be nice if you could do an outline of my character :blush:


Thank you! Sure thing, yours is awesome!


Awesome, thanks!


What’s your mouth color?


plum or toffee


Okay, thanks!


skin color: olive
face shape: oval
hair style: beach wave
hair color: fawn
eye shape: upturned bold
eye color: blue
eyebrow shape: seductive arch
mouth shape: classic
mouth color: blush
nose shape: soft natural
name: Abby




no problem, what is the name of the story by chance?


It isn’t a story, it’s for Outlines.


@Miss_Moonlight I’d love if you could outline my character

thank you


oh okay


Do you still need models?