I need more drama, lust, romance and excitement in my story! Help?

My story is about a girl (Hestia) who has been adopted into a family at a very young age and doesn’t remember anything before that. She was stolen from her biological parents when she was 3 and has no memory of them
Until… Her parents (Rich family) open up to the media about her kidnapping.

Not full description but really need help!!

How can I help (: ?

Do you need ideas?

I need something drastic to happen that’ll attract readers from the first epidsode…
I don’t want to give away the plot straight away or make it too obvious

Yes plsss!!

Maybe you can start the episode with a sort of cliffhanger. Maybe start with the ending you had in mind making your readers wanting to know what the heck happened. Make it engaging enough but don’t give away to many details :wink:

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