I need more ink characters in my story!

Instagram- @blue_1994.episodes

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They could both be fairies or angels? :thinking::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well they are available maybe Lynn could be a fairy and Darren could be an angel? Thank you!

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Thank you but role do you want to be?

Can I be an angel?:grin:

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Can I be a vampire or is there any more creepy goth girls left? :black_heart:
Skin: Taupe
Hair: Beach Wave (platinum blonde)
Eyebrows: natural
Eyes: Upturned feline (Blue)
Face: soft heart
Lips: Classic (Dark red)
Nose: Soft natural
Also my name is sookie :black_heart::black_heart:

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Could I be a dumb cop?

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The goth girl is taken but you can be the vampire! How should I credit you?

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Sure, I should I credit you?

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Yes please with my instagram: episode_lauren1

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@sookieepisode :black_heart:

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Role: Principal

Name/Nickname: Alessandra nickname Allie

Gender: Female

Skin tone: Olive

Eye brows: Seductive Arch

Hair: Diva Curls

Hair colour: Platinum Blond

Eyes: Upturn Luxe

Eye colour: Brown

Face: Defined Heart

Nose: Roman

Lips: Blossom Lips

Lip Color: Blubblegum Pink

Other information

Outfit: Simple Maternity Shirt (Turquoise), Hippie Skirt (Sonoma Blue), Brown Cowboy Boots

Personality: Shy, protective over her friends and family, stubborn, caring, loving girl.

Music taste: Country, rock, hip hop,

Hobbies? Reading and spend time with family and friends. Playing with her pet dogs or be out in nature.

Nationality: American

Role: Teacher or Cop

Name/Nickname: Justin Nickename: J-man

Gender: Male

Skin tone: Light

Eye brows: Mature Grand

Hair: Modern Pompadour

Hair colour: Blond

Eyes: Classic Round

Eye Colour: Blue

Face: Athletic Square Jaw

Nose: Bull

Lips: Classic

Lips Color: Blush

Other information

Outfit: Tank Top (Cream), Long Stitch Jeans (Sonoma Blue), Open Simple Hoodie (Cabernet), Skater Guy Red Sneakers

Music taste: Rock, Hip Hop, Country

Hobbies? Spend time with family and friends. Playing with the family dogs or be out in nature. Partying.

Personality: Protective over his family and friends, loyalt, funny, sweet, caring guy.

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Okay thank you, Justin will be a cop and how should I credit you?

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