I need more spaceship rooms backgrounds

Ok, so I found this pic and other rooms of the same spaceship (bedroom and living room) on a free image site but it doesn’t have hallways or large living or dining rooms, so is there a place I could find similar pics to this? If there’s a whole set in another color I’ll take those, too. It’s hard finding pics that look just a little fake so if anyone has sources that can be used I’d love that. Thanks!

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I don’t have any sorry. :flushed:

I am writing a book that requires a shapeship scene so I will use this as inspire inspiration Thanks!


image future-spaceship-crew-cabin-futuristic-interior-cartoon-illustration_33099-925
The whole set for ya

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Thank you! Do you have any more?

Now I have to write a lot tonight! :joy::joy: Thank you! So much! M
Are you good at describing scenes?

If you are can you PM and help me with that?

image image future-space-station_1441-2772 image
Orange style, if that’s your thing. Enjoy and good luck

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Thank! clap You! clap Queen! clap

Are you good at describing scenes? If you are can you PM me. And help me?

image image image image

Got these, they’re low res but pretty rad. Totally using these but I’ll share

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