I need music help please!

So I have music throughout my story and to turn it off I just do music off. Im confused because it keeps saying "The music (whatever music i have) is already playing. you cant add another music off without something between. Im very confused what im doing wrong

Make sure you turn it off before adding a new song

You can have “@pause for 0” between them if you wish to, but I recommend using volume adjustments for sound and music (if you haven’t already) so they don’t start or end abruptly. :nerd_face:

To turn it off you just do music off?

Yep. So turn it off in the very beginning of each episode and then turn it off at the end of each scene.

music off
&CHAR spot x y in zone THEN CHAR faces right/left AND CHAR is animation
&CHAR moves to layer __
@CHAR changes into
@zoom reset
@zoom on x y in t
@transition ___ black in time
music ___

And then turn it off before you transition into the next scene :))

can there not be more than one sound in one scene?

You can have sound and music at the same time but not two sounds or two songs.

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