I need new backgrounds and overlay

I am writing my second story for clue entry and I need new backgrounds and overlay…
For Backgrounds:

  1. An office for the furniture company
  2. Reception Area
  3. Dark and abandoned hallways
  4. Abandoned Room
  5. A meeting room for the office

For Overlays:

  1. The computers and stuff to add to the office for the furniture company
  2. The reception desk
  3. The walls for the dark and abandoned hallways
  4. A desk and a bookshelf for the abandoned room
  6. The table from the meeting room for the office

I will shout out the person who’ll give me one of these at the end of the episode that the bg/overlay is in. Please help me :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:
If someone is willing to help me, you can dm me in my instagram, @the_episode_reader_and_writer

Uploading: home-2662965_960_720.jpg…

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Thank you :smiley: what’s your instagram name?

I don’t have an instagram account, you can credit me with my forum name

oh ok… :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for backgrounds and overlays. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Oh, sorry :sweat: thx for reminding me

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No problem. It takes a little while to get used things around here. :grin: