I Need New Music To Listen To

So I need new music to listen to…im open to anything soo reply down below some of your fav music so I can give it a listen and maybe add it to my playlist…PLUUSSS I really need some inspiration. GENRE DOESNT MATTER comment anything ill listen to it

Some of my fav if you want to give them a listen to are

  • Say My Name/Cry Me A River- The Neighborhood
  • Care Less More -Olivia O’Brien
  • Saved-Khalid
  • Sympathy-Too Close To Touch
  • Ex-James Tw
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedy- Panic! At The Disco
  • Sleep Talking- Charlotte Lawerance
  • Way down we go-Kaleo
  • Single Friends-Jay Watts
  • Looking for a start- Pedro Goncalves
  • For my dawg- Kamaiyah
  • Funny when-Mickey Shiloh
  • She Belongs to the game- Troy Ave
  • Killing me softly- Fugees
  • Always where i need to be -The Kooks
  • Only you(and you alone) -The Platters
  • Worst Part of Me -Iprevail
  • You-Vict Molina
  • Idontwanttobeyouanymore-Billie Elish
  • Mr.Doctor Man-Palaye Royale
  • Se preparo- Ozuna
  • Te Bote- Nio Garcia/Casper Magico
  • Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

Some cool bands/singers:
Falling in Reverse
Ice Nine Kills
Asking Alexandria
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet For My Valentine
Set it Off
Thousand Foot Krutch
Motionless in White
Palaye Royale
Icon For Hire
30 Seconds to Mars
My Chemical Romance
Billy Talent
Marilyn Manson
Escape The Fate

…and I have way more but it’s too much already lol :laughing:


Do you have any themes you don’t like in particular?

Cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant

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Omg Mr.Doctor Man heard it once LOOOOOOOVVVEEEDDD IT

Idon’twannabeyouanymore-billie Eilish
Let me down slowly-alec baldwin and alessia cara
Even angels-fantasia
Silence - marshmallow and Khalid
Cry on my shoulder- marshmallow and some other dudes I forgot

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Girl billie is on the list especially that song heard once and loved it…

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Yes, that song is killer, my friend Alexandria introduced me to it (feels like an eternity ago), I remember when they had under a million views and now they’re over, and honestly, I have that song on repeat sometimes; I love a LOT of songs :laughing: She also introduced me to Waterparks, and the lead singer is craaazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, feel free to check out Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself, it’s cool :smile:

I just noticed :joy:

Iiked it

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Well I just heard this new song by Khalid called Talk! Give it a listen if you havent already

I’d also recommend these songs/artists:

  • Give Me A Try- The wombats
  • Banana Clip - Miguel (I prefer the Spanish version)
  • Peach - Broods
  • Pretty much any song by ‘Years and Years’

And if you’re willing to give soca music a chance I’d recommend:
Hello - Kes The Band

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Feuer Frei!
Waidmanns Heil

System of a Down



out of all these i liked of course billie but also Let me Down Slowly

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as for dancing with myself thats on my playlist already lol

Cool :black_heart:

My current favorite song is Hollywood Undead - Bloody Nose. I’m not sure if you like that genre, though. ^^

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I do not know if you like Ariana Grande, but you could give it a try. Her brand new album “Thank u, next”. It is amazing! My favorites are:
7 rings
Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored
Thank u,next
Besides, Meghan Trainor’s album “Love Train” is great too.
Little mix’s song “Think about us” ft. Ty Dolla $ign
“Swan song” by Dua Lipa
I do not know if you like these singers and genres, but…
Have a great day​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note:

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I like Years and Years too!

yes lol i like dangerous women and let me love you w/lil wayne as for her new songs i like both thank u, next and 7 rings but idk i think i like 7 rings a little bit more think it the beat i like the most lol as for the rest of the songs ill give them a listen

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Talk, location and better are all from khalid! What kind out music do you want? Upbeat, rap or?