I need new story ideas. Again

Hey guys!
Me again. I am in need of new story ideas (again!). For my story i was think of an adventure/comedy/romance/thriller.
If you guys have any ideas please let me know.
Thank you :heart:

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Hi! If you’re thinking of an adventure/comedy/romance/thriller story, I think I might have an idea in mind.

How about the story focuses on an adventure, but it will have some funny and romantic moments, and some thriller.

For example (something you can still use, of course): the name of the story could be “Journey To Talima” that name is just an example, but it could focus on the M/C trying to escape a family who abuses her or something. She meets a guy who threatens to rat her out as she makes her escape and ends up taking him with her. Eventually, they run into more people and the group all have the same destination. Two of the people in your group can be love interests which finishes the romance part, but you can always add comedy into the romance. As for thrillers, you can discover dead bodies on your way and jump scares.

How does that sound? Normally, I’m the one who has trouble coming up with stories, so I’m not sure if you like it. It’s OK if you don’t. Happy writing!

You could do my high school crush is part of the mafia gang or Spy academy