I need of a couple character cards

Hey guys i need some help making some character cards for something important is anyone willing to help…

I might be able to help?
What exactly are you looking for?

There like business character cards

Do you have a Instagram and then we can continue to discuss there if your willing to help

I’d prefer to know what you mean before we switch to Instagram if that’s okay? Do you mean like a character’s business card or a character card that shows their avatar details? I am not able to do the former if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ill show you a example i havent been able to finish all

Something similar

But since i changed the prices ive been needing a couple done for me

hey i can do something like this if you’re still in need of someone!

I am i need them done fast i just need someone to so it in a time frame for me

Ijust need them done by like today or tomorrow thats why im trying to find someone quick

i could have some done by tomorrow or later tonight! how many are you needing?

if i count like 7 i think. i rather talk on instagram can we contuine there

Just let me know for today

i can do them, but i’m not sure if i can get 7 done by today

Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character cards. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley: