I need of a overlay


Hello I need a scar overlay anyone can help


Is this scar okay? If you have something specific in mind send me the photo.


I need a cut scars


How is a cut scar? Can you send me a pic?


Can i get a suitcase overlay


Traditional or wheel suitcase?




Do you want it of a specific color?


no maybe black or blue


I don’t know how big it will be in Episode, try it and tell me if you need it smaller


Its fine thanks!


do i have to credit you?


Credit me as LeIsaac if you want, but no need to.


Hi so I found this scar png online at pngimg.com so if you use it I would give credit to there! Please let me know if it works if not I can email it to you and if I finest not appear on Episode as transparent let me know and I can make it have a transparent background!


WOw thank you


I will be using your overlay and @LeIsaac overlay how should I credit you


For some reason that png did not load but here is the link to it!


I know how to


Oh ok. I just thought I uploaded it wrong so I wanted to make sure you saw it! :joy: I am still new to the forums and trying to understand how thanks work.


LeIsaac will be just fine.