I need of a partner to make custom overlays and backgrounds for new story!

Hey! so you may have seen me around the forums, and it’s been a while since I’ve needed a partner. However, I’m desperate. I want to work with someone who can make a very long specific list of custom overlays. Of course, if we do collab, I will be writing the story and creating the art, e.g. cover, title cards etc. All I need is for someone to create the BG’s and Overlays. My story is about snowboard racing: it’s about the training in the specific race Snowboard GS and it follows the life of a professional racer, Ambrosia. If anyone is interested, you can DM me on instagram @author.y.w or PM me here.

Here’s a vague list of what I need to be made for the story, a few things may be added while I write.

Backgrounds to make:

snowboard race track - maybe more than one because different championships.
Edited Bedroom/kitchen/bathroom
Ski locker room
Walk in wardrobe (ski outfits/boots/helmets/goggles and warm outfits)
Announcers box with slopes in background.
Top of the snowboard race track
Top of the snowboard race track , looking down with start/stop light in view
Side of the snowboard race track
Surprise room - balloons, confetti, happy birthday sign, presents.
Chair lift, front and rear shot

Overlays to make:

Bed blanket.
Kitchen appliances
snowboard boots, snowboard.
MC sitting rear.
MC sitting on chairlift front.
MC bloodied on stretcher

  • Helmets
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • REASON: So they can be moved out of the way to find MC’s memory boxy with her friends photos.
  • MC on snowboard - left, right, rear left , rear right
  • bent down
  • Knees up left and right
  • Laying in ER with breathing mask on
  • Sprawled on the ground - looking lifeless
  • MC’s face blowing out candles.
    Race flags
    race start point
    race start announcer box
    race announcer microphone
  • Shocked Hand over mouth
    Start/stop lights
    Publicity cameras
  • Hands and arms for hugging
  • Hands to hold best friends hands
  • MC and coach: Coach is cradling MC
  • MC and best friend holding hands in hospital room
  • MC and friends hugging
    Cake with candles.
    Fire on candles,
    Candles without fire
    Small smoke for the candles being blown out.

You must be dedicated to be working with me for a long time, as I have committed to this story, In return, I will make any art piece you’d like, if you have me on instagram, there are some examples of my art, and I will credit you at the end of every episode.

I just realised how sloppy I wrote this. I’m really tired at the moment and I feel like I havet put my best foot forward, so if you have any questions, ask away!

I cann do the backgrounds!

I can make overlays need examples

yep! Could you please send examples?

is it okay if you send me examples of your work?

I mostly do background edits covers and splashes