I need on my camera it masses in write poral

I need on my camera is mass all them

I do some wrong I need help

Can you explain what’s wrong exactly?

It all mass up I am trying to fix it then I am going some wrong and I am to fix .

but what’s wrong? black screen? characters?

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I try speech bubble nothing every thing all mass up

I don’t know to try fix that maybe going some wrong here. Go look in my guide

How can fix this .

Can you show your script?

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Yes I can

What exactly is wrong? You aren’t explaining this properly.


Every black out ok

I don’t get what you mean…nvm


try @zoom reset :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I try share with you

Still black

Did you change background

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I have a school and house think I mass up

Thank I did change it miss hit one botton