I need one female and male limelight outfit please!

Hoi, urm I have no fashion sense so I’m asking for some help because I need help making a female and male limelight outfit.

I can help you just tell me more about the outfit, maybe you want it to be in an specific color or a specific style like pinky, edgy or neutral.

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Okay thanks! :relieved:

Colors: black, red, or white
Personality: closed off, quiet, rude
Something like biker style but not goth

Colors: blue, black, red, or grey
Personality: funny, goofy, polite, friendly
Something stylish but not to overboard

Like that? :rofl:

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Yesss! Thank you
I’ll send them to you right away :purple_heart:

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Thanks! :sob::heart:


I came up with these two:


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thanks! its perfect! :sob:

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