I need opinions... again

So, I know I might be annoying some since I have so many questions, but I’m trying to decide if I want to let my readers customize or not, now my covers have the MC in them, so if they were to customize her, it would look different then from the cover, and I’m just not sure if i should add customization or not. I would like to know people’s opinions about customization

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In my story I add CC, but I also use my original characters for the covers and Art scenes. I put the CC in the 6th chapter so, the readers can learn the MC’s personality and decide if they like her the way she is.

I would add CC personally, even limited CC is fine. This is just my opinion :wink:

While CC is good for some people, they can live without it. You don’t have to do it if you really don’t want to. I mean, look at some famous authors. They don’t use CC and look at how popular their stories are! Only do what you want to do.

Personally, I would rather follow the author’s visions and not have CC, because it takes away some of the substance of the author’s story. Some readers refuse to read a story unless there is CC though, because they don’t feel ‘connected’ to the story otherwise, so you may want to appeal to those audiences too. It’s a conflict between: is Episode an app for authors with a vision of their own stories and characters, or is Episode an app for the readers who want to immerse themselves in a story better?

If you want to please both audiences, I suggest you either have limited customization (only changing the hair style, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) or have the choice to customize, but warn them the main character won’t match the cover beforehand. Good luck!


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