I need opinions on a story

Okay, so I’m writing a story about a strong, independent female, as I want to shed light on the whole “bad boy” “good girl” type of thing. It’s not going to have anything to do with that, but I’m trying to determine if I want a love interest for the girl or not. Or should I just have it as the girl being single and getting through problems on her own? I mean, I could even try to add a choice where the reader can stay single and reject the love interest… I just want a couple opinions.

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I think their should be choices where the reader can choice to have the MC female either stay with the love interest or stay single.
But it’s your choice! :slightly_smiling_face:

You had me at “strong, independent female”
I love the sound of it, there aren’t many stories like this

I think you should have different options according to the problem in question. For example, imagine yourself in a certain situation: are you more likely to solve it on your own or to go to someone for help? You can be strong and independent and still need a little support :wink: So I think that having a love interest is definitely not a problem to that, but how about putting an emphasis on support from friends and family as well as your own ability to solve things? I’m not sure what kind of love interest you were thinking about in your story, but he/she could be someone who will be there for you even if you don’t necessarily need them to. Hope it helps :blush: