I need opinions on my art

So’ I just started practicing my art today, like I’m not planning on posting the image below, but I want to know what I can improve for when I try and do my own cover art.

Keep in mind that this is my first time trying this out, so there will obviously be some mistakes, which is why I want other people’s opinions.


So, please, let me know what I can improve, thank you!

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I like it. Maybe practice on outlining more :wink:

I hjust ink your doing amazing for a beginner only thing is that her nose is a bit big for her face size and to try to improve your line work. Everything else looks amazing keep it up!

Okay, Thank You!

Thank You for your suggestion, the more I look at it I realize that the nose is quite big :joy:

Just try more outline and maybe try deep shading ! It looks nice tho. :heart_eyes: