I need opinions😭😭!

Hey! I drew this art piece and want to know what you guys think!!

It is drawn!!


BTW first person to comment gets art piece, with 1 or 2 characters in it. But YOU MUST SEND A PICTURE OF WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BE DOING. EX:

it’s really pretty! i suggest turning line stabilizer on🖤

It looks really good and I love the shading on the jeans! However when it comes to episode style drawings I feel it’s best to keep the black outline there but either way it’s looking great :blush:

It looks AMAZING! :heart::heart::heart::joy:

It’s really cute :sparkling_heart:

Your so talented

You are so talented girl :tada::tada::heart:

It looks amazing! I would just make the arms bigger and bring down the elbows lower. And add more highlights to the character, especially in the face, because it’s almost all one color. The lighter shade is near the mouth, and a little awkward. Other than that! It looks great! I love the clothes, especially the details in the jeans! :slight_smile: Good job!!!

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Thanks! I just checked this now!! So sorry!!!
Was the first to comment, email me the art and I’ll get it done!

u already did it, it’s literally your profile picture

Whoops, sorry! :neutral_face: