I need outfit help

I have 3 outfits tell me what ones y’all like

Witch one do you guy’s like?


They’re all cute, but the first one is my favourite! :blob_hearts:

What’s the situation? They all look great!

I just needed your guy’s Thought’s because i only need 1 of them

Same tbh

First one!

You think?

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Totally :relaxed:

Ok thanks! i will keep your opinion in mind!!

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No problem hun :hugs:
Good luck with writing your story further! :llama:

Thanks! Have A good day!

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Same to youuu :grin:

They look so cute but 3rd one is my fav :two_hearts:

Hm…I like your thinking i will keep your opinion in mind!! Have a good day/night!!

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Night works for :upside_down_face: me where are you from?


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