I need Outfit ideas! Both male and female for INK and LimeLight!

I need male and female outfits
and Limelight and Ink! c:

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This thread has a lot of great outfits of both styles. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will give you two ideas for the outfits in ink :slight_smile:

I know the Episode Knitters website has some put together outfits and I know on IG some Episode groups do, but I can’t think of the names right now sorry.

OMG I’m amazed at your outfits! They fit PERFECT for my story! Tysm! I appreciate it,

Hey don’t worry about it!
It’s totally fine I could look for myself

here’s for a girl:

Thanks so much!

Gurrllll, i on the other hand have so much outfit ideas, but am lazy to do them, you can get inspiration from all around the stories on episode, plus get your own style to give you some inspiration, what would you wear, your own clothes and etc…


Thanks! @Zenextria I will use that in my story!

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(You don’t have to add the jacket, sunglasses, or necklace unless you like them on there)

Thanks for outfits! I use them> :slight_smile:

Hope these could help! Let me know if you need more ideas!

I found for good underwear, put a White racing swimsuit on them, then put an athletic top on them. Looks like a tank top and undies.

Thanks! I’ll use that! :slight_smile: