I need outfits for THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!

I need outfit for b’day girl her frnds and bf organizes a party where every one is called but one of her mean frnd who is jealous she does something to her outfit and in middle of the party her top falls off
lol so plz help me with the outfit i’ll give u credit and plz create a fancy outfit coz it’s her b’day. ;p

Whats her look?

Hi, you can come to my shop if you want and request some outfits there

wait a min


that’s her look she’s kinda popular and everyone loves her except her one mean friend

Alright i will send u the outfits in 30 min

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cool :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here are 2 outfits i made that you can use

I like the 2nd one but I was hoping for something fancy

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Wow both of them are amazing :heart_eyes: thanks :heart:

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