I need overalll helppa

This will sound kinda dumb but. in my story my mc has a roomate (whos a guy) and he makes fun of her (as a joke) and i make her have red blush becasue shes embarassed
Does this make the reader think hes flirting
or that she is like “flirting” back because shes blushing red?
because i dont want the roommate to be a love interest. i want him to just be her genuine friend.

I want her to blush pink at things her LI says?
Will this confuse the reader and make the reader think she likes her roommate ?

You can have her blush, but instead of using the blush animation you can just make her cheeks really red, and give her an embarrassed animation. You can use a blush overlay to do this


You can try to cleaify their relationship, because some might

Yea, I agree

Ah yes im already doing the overlay. But what if i also make her blush at the things the LI says? will it not seem like she likes him in a way? and yes im making her cheeks red it just looks like blush

I think maybe use the flirting animations when she’s talking to the LI, but avoid using them for her friend
react_startled_embarrassed with the blush overlay is something you can use for both friend or LI. flirt_coy is something that should probably only be used when she’s talking to the LI… sorry if I’m talking too much

Okay thank u so much :))))

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