I need overlay help, please!

Hi! I need some help with this! So, I have a TV that has a news report but I want the lower third overlay to be on the TV and I don’t know how to do it!
Here are the pictures! I made the news overlay myself!


You have to preview, scale and shift the overlay to specific coordinates.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ### ### in zone #
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to #### ####

I would also suggest getting familiar with using overlays in general, maybe even create a fake story to try out things and I would highly suggest checking this out because it has all you need to know regarding overlays. :slightly_smiling_face:

hey there!

using the preview, spot direct the overlay and use the move and scale button. then copy the coordinates below the preview and insert it in your script.

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % %

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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If you’re meaning something like this: (Ignore that she doesn’t look like a news reporter lol and you could also just put like police in the background or whatever you want.)

This is the script code:

&zoom reset
&CHARACTER spot 0.972 166 98 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND CHARACTER is talk_forward
&overlay TVNEWS create
&overlay TVNEWS opacity 1 in 0
&overlay TVNEWS shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay TVNEWS scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay TVNEWS moves to layer 4

&overlay NEWSTVBG create
&overlay NEWSTVBG opacity 1 in 0
&overlay NEWSTVBG shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay NEWSTVBG scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay NEWSTVBG moves to layer 7

&overlay NEWSHOME create
&overlay NEWSHOME opacity 1 in 0
&overlay NEWSHOME shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay NEWSHOME scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay NEWSHOME moves to layer 2

But I remade the overlays and added one:




If your story is LL you’ll get an error for the animation because that animation only exists for INK so you’ll just have to change the animation that character is doing to an Limelight one.

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