I need overlay help!


So whenever i put the coding in for my overlay its still in the same position when i update it???


so you want to animate the overlay ?


No animation. im just trying to place the ambulance truck in a certain spot, but it stays the same


can I see your script



er. try backspacing until you see @overlay is highlighted.


its not that lol i already tried that


You haven’t placed the ambulance overlay at a spot in that scene. You just added it to the background name.


does your BG say


lol im super new to this. I thought the shift and scale was placing it? can you help me with the coding for placing it?


Are those shift and scale codes before the background name where you want the overlay placed? If so you need to put those codes after the background name, not before it.


Yes< but when i had them after the background name it was still doing the same thing


You need to add the zone number to the shift code.

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone #


what zone are you in…?


ah! thanks to both of you it worked!


np :wink:

-brvnda :grinning:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: