I need Overlays ASAP

Hi I really need a few couples of episode character overlays. I want them to make cute faces I’ll add the background myself. Here are their deets deets DM me on instagram if you have any questions or just PM me

What do you need? I’m a little confused

So I wanted to do this

But then people where telling me that people make the poses then they turn it into a overlay then that place the overlay in a background

I want to make a scence where there are going to be alot of animated overlays/ I want to my a photo ablumbe that has a book and small pictures in each page download%20(1) kinda like that

in this download%20(1)
then a few that arent in the book like this images and hanging around her room like this imgbin-photographic-film-polaroid-corporation-others-three-white-photo-frames-illustration-VsDVPsqFfV02GQNZxrJfgqzkX_t
It’s baiaccly a bunch of cute pictures of them like they would be together in a few pics but then it would change to the 2 boys and then the 2 girls but making cute faces and funny ones too.

I can make your characters into overlays if you either do the poses or give me details.

srry for the spam

I did that for my story

i’ll give you the deatlis on how I want it

Ok :ok_hand:t2:

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so I want one of the poses to be like this but there will only be to characters and when the girl slapes her their has to be a ckae on the girls face

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and like this images%20(1) but with all the four chractes

then the 2 boys are applying lipstick but they are only doing the pose

then one like this download%20(2)

then a few couple of them when they were little, one of them they are at a bar and Edagr is singing while everyone else is doing the shush animation, then they are all at the sunset beach and they are all hugging and thats all

Ok can I have the details of the characters and there outfits. Do you have an idea for the backgrounds you want? Also when do you need these by?

here are their deets Capture

also here are only 2 of the clothes you can pick the rest but the boys have to wear ripped punk pants and then what ever t-shirt, shirt, and the girls, shorts,crop tops, t- tops, skirtks,leggings, Romperes Capture4 Capture5
I would like to by Wensday or Thursday if thats alright

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I’ll try to get it to you on Thursday