I need partners to create my story...paying 50-100gems and more

Hi everyone! So basically I have a story that I started writing almost one month ago but it’s taking a lot of time and i’m still in the first chapter. I would have continued coding but i started college and i don’t seem to have anymore time to continue, so i thought about asking here for people that are kind enough to help me by coding parts of my story and it’s better if I find many people like that i won’t be putting the responsability on just one person and we will finish faster…I have the script i just need coders. we can talk on intagram thats my account: lara.episodee :heartbeat:
Thank you so much!:revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


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50- 100 per chapter? Cause if the the whole story thats kinda low.

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I DM you

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No of course not the whole story… Just the person as much as he/she can code parts of my story and they get payed as much as they want and I can