I need peeps to help me judge my outline contest (closed)


my family is weird and they know jack about episode so i need some episode friends to help me judge my outline contest
so rules:
if u entered my outline contest you can still be a judge just obviously u can’t judge ur own art
password: Password


I’ll be a judge I won’t judge my own lmao


Password! I’ll be a judge!








I can be a judge


Password Can , I be a judge too?


I’d love to be a judge.


when i tried to add u it said ur not acceptting messages oof


Oh right. I’ll turn it on again :wink:


Done! Now u can add me


Password if it isn’t too late :joy:


i add you both to the chat tysm


I don’t see the chat in my inbox… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I could be one if you still need it! :yellow_heart:



Can I still be one?


i’m so sorry i’m really busy rn so i’ll add u now i’m at school and i’m in computer class


sorryy i’m full


i am full tysmm