I need people's opinions!

I’m creating a story and have recently just published my first few chapters (I’m slowly adding to it). I don’t know if anyone would like my story because no one has read it yet :pensive: Could someone give me their opinions on it…

My story is called “Let Yourself Shine” (let me know a better name for it, if you have one)
It’s about a girl who moved to a small town in New York, only a few hours away from the big city and while she is there she is offered a modeling job, but at first, she thinks its a little sketchy but decides to go with it. Before she was a model she didn’t have many friends, but now she’s world famous and travels the globe as a billionaire. Even though she’s rich, a lot of big problems arise and she has some enemies that compete with her.
Let me know how this sounds, or if there are any ways I could get some more readers!!!
Thanks so much!!!

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Hi! To get more reads, I would suggest asking for story reviews and doing r4rs. Story reviews will get your read count up, but will also let you know how to improve your story. As for me, I’m no story reviewer, but I did read the first episode of your story. I thought that it was entertaining overall, but the transitions were very abrupt and some parts were slightly confusing. For example, when you transition between scenes, you cut straight to a black screen. I would suggest using @transition fade out and @transition fade in rather than the cut scene all the time. Also, I feel that the part with Henry was a bit rushed. Their friendship was kind of thrown into the reader’s face with little development. (side note: why was Henry carrying a random female outfit with him?)

Of course, these are just picky little notes and you’re not obligated to listen to my advice. Sorry if I sounded a little harsh :sweat_smile: I’ve been told I’m a bit too blunt sometimes. But all in all, your story definitely has potential and your plot is very compelling! Good luck writing!


This was so helpful! I know that I have some details that I need to work out in my story and this is my first story ever, so it probably won’t be perfect, thanks so much for the advice!!! :blush:

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Of course!! :heart:

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It sounds good. Care to check out my story idea? It’s superhero mixed with western zodiac astrology.

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