I need proofreader!

English isn’t my first language but I really want to write. I can write in my native language but in my country, everyone can only hate. Also, your first language MUST be English! I don’t know how these things work out so please tell me.

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My first language is not English, but I have a level C1 Cambridge certificate.
I would be glad to lend you a hand!

I can help you out… my first language is English

If you need anymore proof readers, I’d love to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: English is my first language!

Thank you. What should I do now?

Do you have the script written? When you say proof reader to help you with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes yeah?

Also if I may ask, what is your native language?

Yes I have script written

Okay. That’s good… what is convenient for you? To mail it to me? I will read it and do the necessary changes

I will mail it to you

Okay… my email is mbdourado@gmail.com