I need recommendations

Sooo I want to hear your recommendations for good stories… Specifically a thriller where your choices matter and determine the ending. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Ghostwriter by Elise C and Til Death Do Us Part by Lilly R are two of my favourite thrillers. I also loved Voodoo by Miumi.hp but I don’t think it was multiple endings… However choices were very important just usually you got to redo them if you made a mistake.


Yeah, Ghostwriter is also one of my faves! I will check the other two tho, thanks :smiley:

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Hi! These are not thrillers, but choices matter too

  1. Faking it by drk_episodes
  2. Dirty little secrets by Cindy Gualtier
  3. Beyond a reasonable doubt by LillyS
    These are amazing ones🙂
    Also if you want, you can check my story The moon’s fault. There is point system too
    Have a great day💛

I started an Episode book club this year, where you can recommend, voted on, and then everyone reviews a story a week. Participation is optional, but I list all the stories afterwards with their reviews. :wink: If you’re looking for different reading material that is…

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You can read “hello?” By evil.ebonni.

Choices DO matter and directing is so fabulous!! She’s the best at it!

I will check them out, I do like stories where choices matter. I will also read your story :smiley:

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Thanks, but I finished it yesterday

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