I need script help!

I wasn’t sure how to search for a thread like this out there, but I’m sure there is: Would anyone be willing to read my script and help me tweak anything to make everything run more smoothly? This is the first story I’ve ever written on this app, and I really want it to be a success. I’m not really looking for help writing the story because I have everything in my head worked out how I want it to for now, but that may change as time goes on. I’ll be trying to work out everything on my own before I send it to you for “editing” so to say. So, if you would be interested in this, please let me know! Also… I feel I should mention that I, unfortunately, won’t be able to pay for anyone’s help, but I will gladly make sure to give you the credit! Thank you in advance!

you should post this in


you do not need to be coauhor if your coder agrees to it. There might be some people good in coding who realizd thay are not that good in writing itself and would like to participate.

If you will make him coauthor aor he will me just silent prtner is up to your agreement.

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I will do that! Thank you!

So you need someone who proofreads your episodes?

Something like that. But I mostly just need help with the coding. I can’t get my transitions to work right, for example, and I feel like I’ve tried every example there is for that type of thing. Also, the if/elif/else thing… I’m still working with that.

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Oh okay, maybe I could help you with that…Can I PM you? :slightly_smiling_face:


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