I need serious plot help!


Hi! I’m not new to episode, and I’m not new to writing. However, I seem to have hit some snags in my plot and I’m looking for someone willing to help me think of ideas (no idea is a bad idea, trust me).
I don’t want to give away my plot here, because I’m terrified of it being stolen and whatnot, so if you’re interested in helping, please message me or comment and I’ll message you.

I am willing to do the same for you, if you’re interested :slight_smile:


I can help!


I’d be happy to help however I don’t have social media


Broad imagination here… happy to help!


Happy to help.


I’d be happy to help! You can contact me on here or you can contact me on Instagram @april__episode


I am a professional writer and I would love to help you. Let me know if you are interested.


I could help


Bumping this because everyone I messaged has started to ignore me.


Do you still need some help idea ?
If not it’s okay😅


Honey you never messaged again so I assumed you did not need the help. Sorry !


Omg I totally thought I messaged you. I’m going to do it right now lol


Okay love. And sorry for not asking myself.