I Need Some Advice On A Very Basic Story Plan! (:

Hi, I’m planning to write a story which mainly includes and is based off of clichés!

I am asking if =

a) Would u read this sort of story?

Would U Read This Story?
  • Yes! I would read
  • No! I wouldn’t read

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b) What types of clichés should I include to make an enjoyable story?

Which Cliché Would U Prefer To Read About? (With some twists)
  • Mafia Romance (Not romanticizing violence though!)
  • High School Romance
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Enemies To Lovers
  • Other (Comment)

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ehrm- are you going to put the description in?

I’d love to help but I need a plot to review :joy:

also if you need help developing a more advanced plot overview I’m your girl :blob_hearts:

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Yes please, any help is appreciated! I wanted to see if people would read a story using clichés before adding bigger more specific details to the plan since if no body would read it then I wouldn’t continue to plan & eventually write it (:

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what kinds of cliches?? like high school cliches or a mafia kind of cliche?

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Exactly, I wanted to see which clichés people like reading or would still find enjoyable to read (:

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ahhh so maybe include a poll with the different cliches ??

it’s easier to know if we would want to read if we have a better understanding of what the story is about.

What kind of cliche would YOU be interested in writing?

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I’ll edit the first comment slightly (:

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My favorite cliché trope is enemies to lovers but generally, clichés are my guilty pleasure if they’re written well whether they’re actually apart of the plot or just there to be made fun of - I thoroughly enjoy either. :woozy_face:


Thank u so much for adding your opinion, I appreciate it (I added another poll to the top comment) (:

Baha I just saw and tapped too fast but I enjoy Friends to Lovers too so it’s okay. :joy:

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this is a lot better! I love enemy to lover stories personally, so lmk if you need any help with planning or if you need another opinion! :heart: best of luck

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:joy:, if u click ’ * eye with line through *Show Vote’ then u can re vote if u prefer (:

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@amelial, I would love some help with planning since this vote is already obvious of the result :joy: (:

Enemies to Lovers it is (:

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