I need some advice on what i should do

Hello, I’m struggling continuing my story not because i have writer’s block but just solely because i feel like nobody likes my story… i’ve been thinking about not continuing this story and maybe starting a new one but then again i’m afraid that nobody will like anything i write. please help! i’m not trying to promote my story i am literally asking for advise on how to get over this or what i should do because i feel like i have started a very good story. and i would love to finish it but to be honest my confidence is really low because i see all these other authors who are working on their first story and have tons of story views and i just don’t i have 78… yeah that’s pretty good but i just want to know what is wrong if there is anything wrong with my story and what the possible reason why i don’t have as many views as the other new stories…


Hey, whats your story and whats it about. I recently just got back to my story after writiers block i didnt update for almost a year and i ended up dowloading episode again and playing stories to get back into just wanting to code and pick up ideas for my story…

Well my advice is write for you. Don’t write for anyone else but yourself, write what you what and what you like and if others don’t like it then they’re missing out.

Many people are having trouble getting reads but honestly reads shouldn’t matter. I know that seems stupid but it’s true.

Just having one loyal reader would mean the world to me if I published a story. Because knowing that he/she/they read and enjoy my story would make me so happy.

If reads really do matter to you then I’d suggest advertising your story a lot. Like on Instagram, on the forms. Do read for reads, maybe do giveaways that you have to read your story and take screenshots to participate!

But ultimately reads are a poor way to represent the quality of a story because I know really horrible stories tahr have over 1 million reads.

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It’s called tears on angel wings and it’s about four individuals searching for a prophecy book at least right now I know the idea and the end product I want to make and when I write it just flows so I don’t have writers block I’ve just lost motivation because I feel like no one likes it.


It’s not really about the reads so to speak it more of like I feel like it’s not good but I totally see what your saying and that makes sense and thank you! I appreciate it. And your right I should do it for me because I love the story and what I want the story to be and I would love to see if it turns out how I see it in my head or if it becomes better then what I am imagining.


That lowkey sounds like a dope story id read it! But, just write since you have and end goal and not the writers block (Lik i had thought). It seems like a fantasy story so maybe promote it to people that are into those types of stories so people can leave fanmail and leave messages saying they liked the story making the updating the story even more enjoyable!

It is a fantasy story! I put it in adventure fantasy. Maybe that could be some of the problem

Possibly, but you can also ask for reviews and read4reads to get feedback to see why/if people aren’t liking/reading your story <3

see i have done read4reads and ive tried to get feedback on it… and everyone who has read it says they like it but still… i don’t know if its just because i have bad insecurity issues personally and seeing all the other views on the new authors and i just i don’t know i know there is things i could improve on… because i don’t have choices because i cant figure out how to make it stay in the next scene and like to change the hair style and things like that and i’ve been watching tutorial views like crazy just trying to learn how to do the things i see in other stories. but its alot to get down. so i’m trying to take my time so i don’t get overwhelmed you know.


I read your story in a read for read before and it was really interesting and the plot line was really cool. If you only have that many views that is fine. My story only has 100 and most of them were from read for reads. Please don’t feel discouraged about your story because I know how It feels. I always feel like people don’t like my story but you just have to write for yourself.

Thank you!

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You’re welcome :grinning:

fr just remember that for authors to get to where they are now they had to go through a lot. i don’t know any author who got a lot of reads in a few months, especially if it’s a first story. a lot of the time they have to go through critism and so much more. for example it took me over a year to get to a million reads and i promoted the heck out of my story! at first i was so close to discontinuing the story because i had about 20-ish reads and i was spending so much time on coding and the characters but i got a fanmail which motivated me. the fact that i knew i made someones day honestly made me want to write more and more. i was really active on instagram and everything until i hit #1 on mystery. i got there in a year and i had to keep going and not get upset that i thought i was wasting time because honestly at the end of the day, you’re writing for yourself and it’s your hobby and your free time. just know that everyone goes through this phase but honestly just keep going and you’ll get far : ). lmk if you need any advice or any help with coding at all, i’d be happy to help!