I need some art scenes for my story

I need to finde an artist who can make the art scenes for my story. It’s in ink , so I would like the art to be just like the ink caracters , but with different body positiones (some of them are not available in standard movements) .
I’m not in a hurry , so I will need the art scenes when I write new chapters.
This is my story :
If you think I’m worthy of your time , please send me an example of the covers or art you’ve made.
Thanks… and sorry for the long post!


try @Cheyara_Skadi
Her art scenes are amazing and shes really nice

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Thank you very much . I left her a message on Instagram but she is busy at the moment … so my request is still open

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Can I do it?;

Can you show me an example of your work please?

I dont have any examples on me right now…

Ok. I would like for example a art scene in witch one char tries to pass and another char cuts her off. I don’t want the characters drawn, just the ink style a little modified .
Is it ok?

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Do you want me to send the char details? Or a screen shot so that you can modify it. The problem is that my background is not approved yet . I don’t know how it would be easier for you.
I’m not in a hurry because I’m curently writing ep 4 and 5 , and the art scene is required in ep 6

Can someone else help me? The user I’ve been talking to has been suspended…:disappointed:

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Hey I can help though am new in art and wiling to try

And here it is …so I just started doing art from this week…so just started and learning…if u want to give me a chance I will…I just gave u the offer cause when I started writing no one was there for my art scenes ( indeed there are some of my friends) so I started trying and I guess am not that bad at all…u can see the difference too!the boy was the latest which I made

Thank you so much ! They are great ! You have made my day so much better :blush:
Should I give you the character details? Or a picture?

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Pm me the picture and say what poses u want