I need some background art!


Hey guys, I need a background of my main character saying “This story uses sound and music!”.
Main Characters details:
Skin tone: Olive
Eyes: Round Bold
Eye color: Blue
Face shape: Soft Heart
Hair: Scene Hair
Hair color: Punky Purple
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round
Lipstick: Wine
Eyebrows: Thin arch
Clothes: Headphones Black, Dark Red with gold zipper Zipped Crop Top, School Girl Skirt (Black), Red Rising Star Earrings, Red Holiday Sequin Heels and Red Chunky Necklace.
Animation: flirt_wink_forward
You will get credit!


I can do it


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I can do it.




Any background of your preference?


That would be great, thanks :slight_smile:


Surprise me




Could you possibly do one for Strong language and mature themes? I can give you the details of adifferent character from my story for it.




There you go.


Tysm :smile:


I’ll send it in private in a few minutes…