I need some background characters LL *closed*

Hi everyone.
I’m writing a new story and I really need more background characters. You can leave your character details or a picture down below and what credit you would like if you are willing to help me. I need about 10 lol but I will try to include anyone who replies. Thanks for all the characters I got 12 in total which was more than enough so thank you so much and I’m adding them all now.


You can credit me as @mukta.episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can I have your details as well for my story?
Happy to help ! :two_hearts:

Thank you so much.

You don’t need to credit me because I haven’t made an instagram for episode yet.

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You don’t need to credit me :sparkling_heart:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you so much

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Here’s one!

Thank you :grinning:

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hiya! here’s mine :star_struck:

Thank you so much lol

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Hey Aoibhe,

You also want to include a funny clumsy couple??
Here you have AngelWings (AW) and Devil D.:


Outfit AW:
Tattoo = Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Shoes = Jewel Encrusted Heels Leather Grey Black
Leggings = Ripped Tight Leggings Denim Blue Oxford
Shirt = Short Sleeve Double Striped Shirt White Red Grey
Jacket = Studded Open Jacket V Neck Shirt Blue Black
Extra = Silhouette Cameo Choker Ribbon Black

Outfit Devil D.:
Tattoo = Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
Scar = Scar Across Nose (04-07)
Top = Faded Vintage Band T Shirt Cotton Grey Cool
Pants = Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Light Warm
Shoes = High Top Classic Leather Black
Bracelet = Handcuff Metal

Credit: @AngelWings_1983

They totally love each other, although he is in denial that he loves her… They are loyal to each other, to friends and family.

Love A-W

Aww haha thank you. I’d love to put them in.

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Credit @MystikLunaa

Thank you for helping

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Since there aren’t many males, I decided to make you one. I haven’t made a blonde BG character, so I decided to make him blonde


Body: Neutral 02
Eyebrows: Round Thin (Chestnut Brown)
Hair: Messy Undercut (Dirty Blonde)
Eyes: Male Generic (Hazel)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Heart (Beige Rose)


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Oh my god thank you so much. I really needed more males lol.

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Thanks I like the green hair.

character profile