I need some backgrounds for playing with kids


Does someone have one or two.



I can make some if you’d like but you’d have to send me the details. If you need one already made and quickly then i’m not able to help. If you can’t find anybody then you can try google.


a playgarden outside, i don’t know ho to discrabe it in english. With a slide and a swing set and
sandbox. a place were kids play…


Oh ok do you want kids on it too?


Here is one

You’re going to have to resize it on your own with a free resizing website other than that here you go! Don’t forget to credit me at @SocialButterfly whenever you use it any way you’d like but you **MUST**credit me.



yes please xxx


Oh ok, is the background ok and I can just add characters? What style are you using? LL,INK, or Classic?


waaaauw that i beautiful but is there any space for characters lol x


I use ink xxx_


I can resize it and you can always zoom in i’d be happy to add some random characters in places how many?


not too much because i would have 2 adults and one child already there.

thanks girl xxxx


Ok, and by the way what language is your native tongue?


Dutch, nederlands




Why and you…


I’m fluent in English I just wanted to know bc if you spoke Spanish bc I’m also fluent in Spanish so if you did speak Spanish it would’ve been easier for you but you speak Dutch, Netherlands which is fine I just don’t know any dutch.



Here is your background I decided it wold be easier if you added the characters you wanted in case it’s important with your episode. You can shout me out at SocialButterfly with readerMessage whenever you use this background. You need to use a simple image resizer for it too fit with episodes image standards.

Simple Image Resizer Link


Wouw it looks great but maybe if it is not to much to ask, can you arlready put 3 children on it, i have it very difficult for placing backgrounds people, If you don’t want to you can say so, i am already happy xxx


Oh ok I can try I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow.


you are an angel xxx